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What’s a Quilt Sandwich?
The quilt *sandwich1 consists of backing, batting, and the
quilt top. First, you=ll cut the backing 41 to 61 longer and
wider than the quilt top. Then, if you=re planning to quilt
the project yourself, you=ll baste the layers together, using
thread if you=ll be hand quilting or safety pins if you=ll be
machine quilting. To complete the sandwich, you=ll quilt
either by hand or by machine. If you plan to have someone
else do the quilting for you, you don=t need to baste
the layers, and oftentimes you don=t need to supply the
batting. But do check with your machine quilter before
assembling the quilt backing to make sure the size is suf-
 cient for his or her needs.


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